Emmerholt was my team's ultimate vision of what Hollow could become. A world filled with quests that weren't always there, and made specifically from the ground up with Virtual Reality in mind. We wanted Emmerholt to become the first "full feature" VR/Leap Motion game that people would play for more than 30 minutes in a sitting. Emmerholt also pushed the boundaries and limitations of Leap Motion and VR technology in the Unreal Engine, and for that work we were awarded a $15,000 Dev Grant. 

What is Emmerholt?

Emmerholt is a VR/Hand Tracking first person adventure game where the player needs to save the village of Emmerholt from a vengeful evil by harnessing your enemy's powers and exploring the lands with your faithful steed. With an impending doom on the town of Emmerholt, only you have the power to discover ancient relics that will save your peaceful people. To find the relics you must explore a beautiful low poly landscape with the opportunity to complete engaging quests that may help you in your journey. But beware, if you fail your mission the world will never be the same again! Each consecutive play through will contain progress of your previous achievements, but the world will be scrambled up as each quest area is placed randomly throughout the world. Each play session will result in a sequence of events that create a completely unique story.

What was my role?

I was one of two programmers in a six man team.  The game is  written in mainly C++ as well as some Blueprints, utilizing the Unreal Engine 4.  A majority of my focus was designing game play and interaction around new technologies. Though the project was put on hold, and did not get as far as I would have wished, planning a game from the ground up specifically for VR and Handtracking required a completely different mindset than traditional game development. I learned a lot throughout prototyping about user interaction with Virtual Reality that will be paramount to my work in new technologies in the future.

Unreal Engine Dev Grant
After visiting the EPIC Games team at GDC in San Francisco, we applied for the UE4 Dev Grant. We won $15,000 specifically for our work in VR and Handtracking using the Unreal Engine 4.

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Hollow is an award winning Virtual Reality / Leap Motion game jam project that was developed over 30 days during the Leap Motion 3D Game Jam. Our main goal with Hollow was to create a unique first of it's kind "First Person Experience" game in which we could easily introduce new users to new technology that generally has a significant learning curve for the average user.

What is Hollow?

Hollow is a horror hayride adapted from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. The player is immersed with Oculus VR and grips the reins of a horse drawn carriage with Leap Motion integration.

What was my role?

Having discovered the Leap Motion 3D Jam, I organized my groups involvement.  Additionally, I was one of two programmers in a six man team of UCF students.  The game is  written in C++ and Blueprints utilizing the Unreal Engine 4.  A majority of my focus was on Leap Motion integration, though I also assisted in other aspects of game play programming. I had a pivotal role in designing the experience to avoid user sickness. I learned a lot about VR development as well as broke out of the "box" of rules that I believe much of the industry has already placed itself into when developing for VR.

Want to check it out?

You can download the final build and check it out here!  An Oculus Rift and Leap Motion are not required to play, but give the greatest experience! Remember, this was built before a Leap Motion plugin was ever officially released (we helped with that), so hand tracking can get very sensitive and a bit finicky. 

After Placing 8th, and Winning 1st
After placing 8th in the Leap Motion 3D Game Jam 2014, as well as winning first place in the Microsoft Game On App challenge,  we were invited to GDC 2014 (In San Francisco) to present Hollow at Leap Motions VR Mixer. I met many incredible people, and formed an amazing network of people I never thought was possible. Our total prize money came out to $4,000.

Ziggurat (Otronicon 2014 VR Jam Winner)

Ziggurat is the end product of a 48 hour game jam I participated in from January 17 - 19, 2014. This was an incredibly amazing experience not only because I learned more than I ever have inside a 48 hour time-span, but my team also won despite competing against grad-students and professional game developers!  In this competition I won an Oculus Rift and a full license to Unity Pro.  Both of these are amazing tools that I am using to enhance different projects that I am working on.

What is Ziggurat?

Ziggurat is a puzzle platformer designed specifically for the Oculus Rift. There are only three levels in this game but they do a good job of describing scale, time, and space (game jam theme) through not only aesthetics, but also the programming.

What was my role?

I organized our team's participation in the game jam.  Additionally, I was one of two programmers for my five man team.  The game is almost entirely written in C# in Unity Pro. I coded a range of scripts from tile-falling physics to death and checkpoints.

Want to check it out?

You can download the entire Unity project and check it out here!  The playable build is inside of the zip file labeled "Full.exe". Remember, use Oculus for the best experience! Alternatively, you can check out our promo website: http://tarwine.github.io/Ziggurat/ (the site does not work in chrome)

After Winning
After winning the contest we were also invited to display our game at Orlando's monthly indie developer convention indienomicon on February 6th, 2014 which regularly has an attendance of 150 - 200 independent developers. Here is a short promo of the game 


Rover Expedition (Indie Galactic Space Jam)


What is Rover Expedition?

Rover Expedition is my latest virtual reality project that was completed at the annual Indie Galactic Space Jam inside of 48 hours. Rover Expedition  is an exploration game in which the player assumes the role of a mars rover needing to accomplish a series of tasks in order to terra-form a planet and prepare it for human habitation. Rover Expedition was an experience created to be specifically enjoyed using the Oculus Rift. 

What was my role?

My team for the Indie Galactic Space Jam comprised of 8 different individuals of all age ranges with a variety of special skills. I was a programmer and lead designer for the team utilizing the Unreal 4 engine, and  programming in Blueprints as well as  C++. 

Check it out!!

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You can download the unreal project here. The game requires an Oculus Rift to play correctly.

The Indie Galactic Space Jam occurred at the end of July.

You can learn more about the Indie Galactic Space Jam by visiting http://indiegalacticspacejam.com/