Dieseland Coloseum

Dieseland Colosseum is a semester long project I had the opportunity to work on during the fall semester of 2014 at UCF.

What is Dieseland Colosseum?

Dieseland Colosseum is a game where Mercenaries use their abilities online to fight to the death in a brutal, constantly changing diesel-punk themed Colosseum. It is a fully functional networked MOBA  (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) 

What was my role?

I was the team's Lead Designer for the semester long project. I coordinated with the Producer and Creative Director to determine the game-play direction of the game as well as kept all game related documentation up to date.  Check out the entire GDD here.

Want to check it out?

You can download the final build of Dieseland Colosseum here.

Or you can watch a video that one of my teammates created here.


Below you can check out some screenshots and excerpts from the GDD I managed. 

Our official Poster Created by and artist on the team

Our official Poster Created by and artist on the team

The Dieseland Colosseum Main Menu

The Dieseland Colosseum Main Menu




Third party sim is currently a personal project of mine in it's early rapid-prototype phase.  It is a game in which the player will be forced to play as a Third Party candidate for president in the U.S political system. This idea came to me when I realized that many people do not understand the difficulties and extra rules that the major parties don't have to deal with that a third party must overcome to simply be in a poll or televised debate.  So in a sense I hope that one day this project may raise awareness for the American public, no matter the party affiliation, as to the reason why there are no major third party contenders!


So far, this is a fun game to program for. I love my current prototype and one day I will be getting into more complex algorithms to make this a true simulation game.  It has consumed a couple fun filled nights of my life and I can't wait to expand on it! Currently though, this project is on hold due to a lot of exciting work I have done with Virtual Reality and Hand tracking technology.


Update 2018: Wow, it’s been 4 years! Clearly I haven’t worked on this project in a long time, but the idea of a Grand Strategy political sim still intrigues me often. I’ve also made a new prototype, maybe I will share one day. I will leave this here though, because it is nice to see how far I’ve come from my older prototypes. I’m too afraid to open this up and see all my ugly old code!



Below is the latest version of the project as of August 26, 2014. I'm happy that I got a couple more sleepless nights for this project!  I have most of the country now, and it's all selectable. Each state displays unique statistics. 


Ziggurat (Otronicon 2014 VR Jam Winner)

Ziggurat is the end product of a 48 hour game jam I participated in from January 17 - 19, 2014. This was an incredibly amazing experience not only because I learned more than I ever have inside a 48 hour time-span, but my team also won despite competing against grad-students and professional game developers!  In this competition I won an Oculus Rift and a full license to Unity Pro.  Both of these are amazing tools that I am using to enhance different projects that I am working on.

What is Ziggurat?

Ziggurat is a puzzle platformer designed specifically for the Oculus Rift. There are only three levels in this game but they do a good job of describing scale, time, and space (game jam theme) through not only aesthetics, but also the programming.

What was my role?

I organized our team's participation in the game jam.  Additionally, I was one of two programmers for my five man team.  The game is almost entirely written in C# in Unity Pro. I coded a range of scripts from tile-falling physics to death and checkpoints.

Want to check it out?

You can download the entire Unity project and check it out here!  The playable build is inside of the zip file labeled "Full.exe". Remember, use Oculus for the best experience! Alternatively, you can check out our promo website: http://tarwine.github.io/Ziggurat/

After Winning
After winning the contest we were also invited to display our game at Orlando's monthly indie developer convention indienomicon on February 6th, 2014 which regularly has an attendance of 150 - 200 independent developers. Here is a short promo of the game 

Otronicon 2014 48 hour Game Jam winners. (I'm the farthest right)

Otronicon 2014 48 hour Game Jam winners. (I'm the farthest right)


Mommy is an environmental, atmospheric, first person thriller game that was built from the ground up to support the Oculus Rift and created in Unity.


In Mommy the player is a child who has just awoken up to find himself/herself home alone.  By exploring the house the player learns more and more of the story.  Remember, this was a rapid prototype completed within a very limited time.


My Part

My work on Mommy was mainly as a programmer working on in-game mechanics. The game is mostly written using C# but a few scripts for very particular tasks were created in Javascript.  I also created a variety of the documents which can be viewed in the link below!


Voyages: Vikings

Voyages: Vikings was originally created as a midterm project for Game Design at UCF.  Voyages: Vikings is a  High-Seas Exploration Game in which players must explore islands, gather resources, upgrade vessels, acquire and steal loot, and combat other players.

With access to a laser cutter, I was not only able to create a fun game, but a really good looking prototype!


The main objective for Voyages: Vikings is to obtain as much loot as you possibly can by exploring the map, upgrading your vessel, and attacking other players before the game ends at 20 rounds.

My Role

For this project I was in charge of designing the game play mechanics (including the effects of cards, the rules, etc.) as well as creating the actual board and box itself.

Special Feature

A special feature utilized in Voyages: Vikings is a randomly generated map created for every game.  The combination of random maps,  cards and loot collection mechanics make Voyages: Vikings a really fun strategy game!

To view more work I completed for Voyages: Vikings, feel free to go to this link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2jb1zz63j9bwwg4/ZUk6qhLDn1 and download more information! (Note: The actual artwork on the cards were NOT drawn by my group, just the art where the information is displayed)

Zombies, RUN!

Zombies, RUN!  Is a game concept I originally created for a class assignment but decided to take it an extra step further by actually creating a concept map and cards.  Essentially, the objective of the game is to successfully get to the one-man bunker (that is the finish line) before any of your fellow "friends" playing the game with you do.

The game utilizes a standard 6 sided dice for movement and a bonus card mechanic.

I created a map that has red and blue colored tiles representing which piles of bonus cards you draw from if you land on them. Bonus cards may have positive or negative outcomes while others may be played against your friends.


Though I have not had time to further define this idea, I think it could actually be a fun game to play with friends and I may possibly pursue creating a polished version in the future!



Star Trek RPG Ruleset

This is a project that is unofficially a previous project, as I pick it up and continue it once in a while.  I had an idea a while back to combine two things that I am extremely passionate about: Star Trek and Tabletop RPG's.  My particular rule-set is still very much in it's pre-playtesting phase, but has some very cool mechanics when it comes to weapons, "set to kill" settings, and resistance that I find very promising.

The Importance
This project was actually very important for me, since it was when I first started creating rules and mechanics.  This was when I first began to fully grasped the idea of creating a schedule and planning out ahead of time.  Sadly, I also learned that trying to create an entire rule-set for a game inside the time-span of a busy month was not realistic.