Voyages: Vikings

Voyages: Vikings was originally created as a midterm project for Game Design at UCF.  Voyages: Vikings is a  High-Seas Exploration Game in which players must explore islands, gather resources, upgrade vessels, acquire and steal loot, and combat other players.

With access to a laser cutter, I was not only able to create a fun game, but a really good looking prototype!


The main objective for Voyages: Vikings is to obtain as much loot as you possibly can by exploring the map, upgrading your vessel, and attacking other players before the game ends at 20 rounds.

My Role

For this project I was in charge of designing the game play mechanics (including the effects of cards, the rules, etc.) as well as creating the actual board and box itself.

Special Feature

A special feature utilized in Voyages: Vikings is a randomly generated map created for every game.  The combination of random maps,  cards and loot collection mechanics make Voyages: Vikings a really fun strategy game!

To view more work I completed for Voyages: Vikings, feel free to go to this link and download more information! (Note: The actual artwork on the cards were NOT drawn by my group, just the art where the information is displayed)