Mommy is an environmental, atmospheric, first person thriller game that was built from the ground up to support the Oculus Rift and created in Unity.


In Mommy the player is a child who has just awoken up to find himself/herself home alone.  By exploring the house the player learns more and more of the story.  Remember, this was a rapid prototype completed within a very limited time.


My Part

My work on Mommy was mainly as a programmer working on in-game mechanics. The game is mostly written using C# but a few scripts for very particular tasks were created in Javascript.  I also created a variety of the documents which can be viewed in the link below!


To view more documents detailing the process, design, and amount of work my group and I did,  go to my dropbox here and download the zip file!  To play the game go here!  And if you want to play the game for the mac click here.  Remember, if you have an Oculus press "o" in game to enable Oculus mode.