Star Trek RPG Ruleset

This is a project that is unofficially a previous project, as I pick it up and continue it once in a while.  I had an idea a while back to combine two things that I am extremely passionate about: Star Trek and Tabletop RPG's.  My particular rule-set is still very much in it's pre-playtesting phase, but has some very cool mechanics when it comes to weapons, "set to kill" settings, and resistance that I find very promising.

The Importance
This project was actually very important for me, since it was when I first started creating rules and mechanics.  This was when I first began to fully grasped the idea of creating a schedule and planning out ahead of time.  Sadly, I also learned that trying to create an entire rule-set for a game inside the time-span of a busy month was not realistic (A concept some of my peers are still unable to grasp).

View My Excel Sheets, Rule Drafts, and Other Documents
Go to my dropbox here to view all of my documentation and scribbles!