Third party sim is currently a personal project of mine in it's early rapid-prototype phase.  It is a game in which the player will be forced to play as a Third Party candidate for president in the U.S political system. This idea came to me when I realized that many people do not understand the difficulties and extra rules that the major parties don't have to deal with that a third party must overcome to simply be in a poll or televised debate.  So in a sense I hope that one day this project may raise awareness for the American public, no matter the party affiliation, as to the reason why there are no major third party contenders!


So far, this is a fun game to program for. I love my current prototype and one day I will be getting into more complex algorithms to make this a true simulation game.  It has consumed a couple fun filled nights of my life and I can't wait to expand on it! Currently though, this project is on hold due to a lot of exciting work I have done with Virtual Reality and Hand tracking technology.


Update 2018: Wow, it’s been 4 years! Clearly I haven’t worked on this project in a long time, but the idea of a Grand Strategy political sim still intrigues me often. I’ve also made a new prototype, maybe I will share one day. I will leave this here though, because it is nice to see how far I’ve come from my older prototypes. I’m too afraid to open this up and see all my ugly old code!



Below is the latest version of the project as of August 26, 2014. I'm happy that I got a couple more sleepless nights for this project!  I have most of the country now, and it's all selectable. Each state displays unique statistics.